The Founder: Kaydene Grant -Coach Kbeau2ful


The transition from daughterhood to womanhood, to motherhood, is a straight-up rollercoaster ride, ain't it? 


The truth is who we are as a daughter influences who we become as a woman, which impacts who we are as a mother. I should know. I am a PK ( shout out to all the Pastor Kids) 

Now, wait a minute!  Before you say what those church folks always said... "PKs are the worst" 

I am here to confess, that yes, I was a hot mess. (Ha, that rhymes)  I was a REBEL and proud of it. After all, rebels who stand against the status quo, and do things their own way, often change the world. The problem was that I wasn't grounded in my identity. In fact, my identity was broken into many pieces.

Trying to carry those broken pieces/trauma from your daughterhood, cuts into your womanhood, and bleeds into your motherhood.

Thankfully my mother was grounded in her faith, her identity, and her unwavering unconditional love for me. It's her blueprint that helped me repair my broken pieces from my daughterhood, restore my wholeness in my womanhood, and release desired outcomes in my motherhood. 

Now, this rebel is a Wife, Mother, Speaker (don't call me a preacher), Vlogger, Blogger, and Women's Life Coach and a  Mom and Daughter Relationship  Coach. 

I help moms heal the divide between the daughters they were given and heal the divide between the daughter within. 

You are in the right place if you ...


-Want to let go of the hurt from your daughterhood


-Want to discover what wholeness means in your womanhood


-Want to never repeat toxic cycles in your motherhood

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